Curious how our members really feel?

“I joined house of misfits about 3 months after I ended up in the ER again. I was unemployed and in a really dark place and wanted somewhere I could go to not feel so alone in my struggles. This server has been so welcoming and so helpful to people like me (bpd) instead of damning, like a lot of MH servers/forums. Ive made a lot of friends and this place has helped me in my ongoing recovery. It's so nice to be a part of something that will continue to help other people on their own MH paths. I love that this is a place that is real and gives you an understanding and helpful environment when it comes to working through the ugliest parts of mental illness issues.”


“ I came to House of Misfits when I felt that no one else in the world would have me. Living with BPD has made the more hellish parts of me something I have to live with everyday. Yet, I don’t have to live painfully, rueing my very existence and my personality. I can live beautifully and chaotically, and HoM taught me that. I wanted an outlet—somewhere to go to, somewhere to help others and myself—to truly express who I am without the fear of stigmas holding me by the throat once more. Here, I have that, and it’s so beautiful to me. At House of Misfits, I truly feel valid. I feel loved and accepted and everything great where the real mental health system in my area makes me feel invalidated and insecure with my identity.”

- Beth

I was brought into HoM after I wasn’t treated very nicely in other discord servers. I felt alone and abandoned but still wanted to help people like I had tried to do before. This server was created and i was offered the position as head listener and I was delighted! The server was opened shortly after I joined. Ever since, I got to watch it blossom and bloom into something for all kinds of people. The diversity is something I love here, and the acceptance of everyone. The support is always there even outside of support channel and it’s helped me cope when I am at really low points. It’s allowed me to open my doors to new people and truly feel like I BELONG.”

- Lily

“I came to House of Misfits in hopes to find others like myself. I felt as if I were an outcast, and I would never fit in. I wanted a new chance, and new opportunities. I found this server, and I can't express how grateful I am. I spent a month before I applied for Listener, and even though it can be hard in certain times, I enjoy helping others as I've wanted to for most of my life. I was so happy to be given a chance as a Head Listener, and I won't lie, I cried from happiness when I accomplished the position. The server makes me feel so much more positive, and hopeful. The environment is something I can never get tired of, and I feel like I fit in here.

- Scxence

“I found House of Misfits through after searching for a place to make friends and ease loneliness as I went through a dark time in my ED / OCD recovery. As soon as I pressed join, I was greeted with a plethora of hellos and how are yous by members. Staff were present, friendly, and down to earth. No ivory towers here. I found that HoM did not shy from the gritty, ugly side of mental illness that I so often find myself in. The friends I've made and inspiration I've gained to continue recovery, even when all seems null, is what keeps me coming back.”

- Clementine

I am sincerely glad to have found this server, because it offered me the opportunity to engage with strangers who I can relate with, even if it's just the lack of interest, lack of motivation, bad sleep rhythm or a bad day. I'm not completely ready to chat with others properly in casual chats or voice chats due to my anxiety, but I believe that I will overcome it soon and thus find many friends I can count on and have fun with. I have found a home in House of Misfits despite my lonelyhood.”

- Gladelle

“I joined House of Misfits from another member, because they worried about my mental health and thought this would be good for me. I didn’t think that I would stay for long, because of the plethora of issues I bore with me, but staying is the best thing I’ve done. Everyone when I first joined was so happy and accepting of me and others. They didn’t see anyone as the ugly side of mental illness until they needed help, they saw us as new people wanting to make friends and to be happy. I knew that once I started talking that this is a place I could stay and call home. I love meeting others like me, and it created new relationships I thought I couldn’t make again. It truly is a home I never thought I could have.”

- Grace

“Since joining the server, I have been able to understand my issues as well knowing that I am not alone. I've also received some great advice, which led me to being able to get my first job, after struggling for years to get one due to MH issues. Everyone here is so wonderful even the staff members, half of the time I forget I even have social anxiety because of how wonderful everyone is here! You'll never feel lonely here, because there's always someone talking to you.”

- Jessonic

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