House of Misfits
House of Misfits
Self-Help Discord Server with a focus on Mental Health and Support

Love from our community


House of Misfits isn't just a server, it's a Family :)” - Goat

“I love the people, how easy it is to make friends and open up. I love how you can see yourself growing as a person with those people around and supporting you, it's just amazing.” - Vael

“The House of Misfits server has been extremely helpful and overall improved my feeling of loneliness and sadness and I much appreciate everything it has provided for me.” - Hailey

“I had been turned down from other mental health servers before, not fitting in to any place that I'd found. There were either too many members, not enough, or they were rude, etc. But when I entered House of Misfits, I was greeted a friendly welcome as a discussion was going on. People took a second to say hello to me, and they didn't even know me! I felt immediately at home. Eventually, I applied for Listener, and then Moderator, so that I could help make this server feel like a safe space for everyone. I feel as if I can speak my mind here, like I really belong in this space.” - Sarah

“I felt alone before I came to this server, I was not doing well because real life seemed to try and put me down but as soon as I joined the House of Misfits I was bombarded with welcomes and it was great! My mental health is getting better and I don't regret joining this server it helped me through tough times.” - Tinglewink

House of Misfits has taught me so much. It really is unlike any other mental health server. The members and staff are great, and being part of the Listener team has helped me grow. Working with other Listeners and de-escalating crises has been so fulfilling for me, and I can always rely on House of Misfits for advice and a listening ear. I am so excited for the future and I hope I can stick around and see House of Misfits improve as long as I can!” - Cara

“These people are emotionally degraded and so am I. Just kidding. This place offers pieces of like minded individuals who are all seeking a better life despite obstacles. Together.” - Anonymous Member