So let's get started, shall we?


Last updated August 28th 2018.

Welcome to the moderator team! 

Thanks for taking this time to volunteer for the moderator role. The goal of being a moderator is to ensure House of Misfits stays a safe place for members while setting an example on how other members should behave. Moderators should have a level headed balance of maturity as well as a sense of humor.

Rules and guidelines:

  • Read over the server rules. They still apply to you.

  • Be welcoming, kind, and approachable.

  • Ask, instead of telling. "Can you please take it to #serious" is better than, "Move to #serious." Use your please and thank you's.

  • Stay out of the support channels in terms of moderation. If there are disciplinary issues within a support session, ping the Head Listeners.

  • Never share why we banned someone. Respect the privacy of even people we ban. If that banned person wants others to know, they can share it themselves.

  • You are not to mute/kick/ban people just because they're disrespecting you or rubbing you the wrong way. There must be an actual breaking of rules or malicious intent.

  • You shouldn't have your role permanently on invisible. You need to be visible so other members can DM you if they need something. If you're often invisible instead of 'online,' at the discretion of the Head Mods, you will have your role reevaluated.

  • Please note that as a staff member, your actions and what you say will be scrutinized more heavily, because you're setting the example. If you are drunk, high, or otherwise belligerent, I ask that you do not talk in the Discord as it is a poor reflection on the staff (it's fine if you can stay mature about it). Don't break the rules and overlook it because "you're abusing your mod powers." Don't encourage the use of bot commands in #casual. Use the proper channels. Keep your shitposting and spam to #shitposts.

  • Respect the disciplinary process and maintain organized archives.

Disciplinary process

Regular members breaking rules

  • Mute with .mute @name

  • Talk to them in #decompress by letting them know what rule was broken. Post a screenshot of the rule being broken.

  • If they apologize and are remorseful, thank them for listening and unmute them.

  • If they yell/threaten/laugh/are generally malicious, ban them.

  • If they seem emotional, leave them muted for several hours and let them know you'll come back to unmute them afterwards.

  • Archive the incident and the conversation in muted. The process for archiving is:
    Name#discriminator - Rule broken and mod notes + screenshot of incident

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 9.50.03 PM.png


  • Screenshot the raid and ban them all. You don't need to get all their usernames or mute them. Just ban on sight and throw the screenshot in the archives. Label it Raid - MM/DD/YYYY

Bot Commands

  • .mute @name - This command will be your best friend. When in doubt, mute and talk it out in #decompression

  • .ban @name - Pure malice, raid, trolls, lack of remorse, ban.

Note: When banning someone, include the ban appeal form:

So it would look like this: .ban @name Reason. To appeal your ban, use this form:

You do not need to include the ban appeal form for raids.

**We do not use the .warn command.

Searching Archives

The archives are there for ease of searching up what another moderator has done or noted.

To search the archives, type in: archives and then the username/nickname/keyword of what you're searching for.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 9.55.08 PM.png

Talking to muted Members:

Start the dialogue by pinging them and letting them know what the violation was. Post a screenshot, if you can.

Hi there, @name. You were muted because you're posting excessive memes in #casual when memes belong in #shitposts. Can you read over the rules and let me know if you can agree to keeping it to #shitposts?

Mod Hierchary

Moderators are all equal in decisions except for the Head Moderator. 

The Head Moderator can make executive decisions when the moderator team cannot come to a consensus. Also, Head Moderator is pinged of issues that require additional attention (things that normally would go to me, go to Head Mod instead).

If the Head Moderator cannot make a decision, then it goes to me, but that rarely happens.

Grounds for De-modding

I will straight up say that I've seen some moderation teams operate like a VIP club or a "clique." You were chosen to be a moderator because members are comfortable with you and you are a recognizable part of the server. If you stop talking to the members and engaging with them, after being a moderator, or only selectively engage with a clique, I will de-mod you. This has been an issue in other servers I have been a part of and I will actively prevent this.

  • If there has been inactivity for 1 week, I will put you on mod on vacation role.

  • If you have been inactive for 2 weeks, I will de-mod.

  • Please do not make new channels, change rules, or make major changes to the server without asking me first.

  • Abusing your powers- warning, kicking, banning members simply because you don't like them.

  • Leaking information from the mod channel - I trust you. This would be a breach of that trust.

  • Harassing, witch hunting, or "keeping an eye on members you have a bad feeling about" is not okay.

  • Giving me, or the Head Moderators, reasons to not trust you.

  • Breaking the rules stated above.

  • Basically, don't turn into an entitled dick on a high horse.

You will receive a final warning prior being de-modded.

And if you have any questions, feel free to DM me whenever ya need. 

For Head Mods

So you've been newly promoted to Head Mod.

A Head Mod runs the Mod team. You will be:

  • Keeping in touch with a team of Mods. Check in with them twice a month.

  • Helping HR with complaints made against Moderators.

  • Able to have the last say on Mod decisions.

  • Being the go-to person for the Mods on your team.

  • Coordinating with Head Listeners for Listener related issues.
    -- If there is a disciplinary problem with a Listener, let the Head Listeners know.
    -- If the Listener loses their role due to disciplinary issues, it can go back to the Moderators.

  • Award cakes.

  • Accept/decline mod applications. Put final reason for decline in #declined-mods

Working with HR, instead of going to other mods:

  • If there has been a complaint against another staff member.

  • If there is an issue where a victim wishes to remain anonymous.

  • Someone wants to appeal a ban or punishment.

  • Giving someone a reason why someone was not promoted to staff.


If you're a Head Mod, it is because I trust you with running the server and the Mod team, especially in my absence. You set the example for the other moderators so keep that in mind. Here are grounds for role removal.

  • Inactivity for 1 week without alerting the team.

  • Failure to perform Head Mod roles above.

  • Constant need to be reminded to check on your mods. (It's only twice a month).

  • Power abuse.

  • Disciplinary issues related to moderation.

Managing your new moderator:

Here is a guideline to help you with the newest moderator on your team. New moderators will be on a trial basis for the first week.

  • Send them a DM to let them know who you are. Ask them if they have any questions about being a moderator.

  • If someone has been muted, give the new moderator the chance to talk to them in #decompress and to archive it.

  • Spend about a week giving the new moderator tips, encouragement, and constructive criticism on their moderation.

  • If the new moderator isn't really doing anything, let them know that you are expecting more out of them in the role. Find out why they haven't been doing much and see if there is anything that can be fixed.

  • Reevaluate, after a week, with the other Head Mods, on whether you will keep this new moderator or not.