I'm so grateful that you've chosen to volunteer

Welcome to the team. Thanks for selflessly giving your time to the House of Misfits server.

Here are some things that you should know, as a new Listener.

  • We ask that you do at least one session every two weeks.

  • One Listener per support session so you do not overwhelm the person asking for help.

  • You will be summoned with the @Listener ping very, very often.

  • Listen first, then talk. Be sure to note whether they want advice, to rant, or to be deescalated, and respond accordingly.

  • Remember that the session is about the person asking for help. Do not force your personal stories and experiences on the person asking for help and make it about yourself. 

You also have access to the lounge, listener chat, and staff-announcement staff rooms. :) They're there for you!

Please see some guides on being a Listener here: Guides

Your Head Listener

  • As a new Listener, your Head Listener will be contacting you within 48 hours to get your situated.

  • You will be asked to check in once a week in #check-in.

  • If you want your role removed, please ask your Head Listener.

  • Basically, anything you need that is personal, ask your Head Listener. <3 If your Head Listener hasn't been active, responsive, or around, ping @Head Listener in the Listener channel.

Listener process

  • You will be summoned by a .help ping in a support channel. Allow the person needing help to type out what they need.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 9.06.39 PM.png
  • Do your support session.

  • If you need to leave the session, please let them know you need to step away for a second but you will ping another Listener for them. Then ask the Listeners in the staff room to please take over and give them a short summary on what you've gotten so far.

  • Sessions may last up to an hour, only.

  • When a session has ended, type .close.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 9.06.48 PM.png

Rules to follow:

  • If the person you’re supporting is not responsive after 30 minutes, summarize the session, give some advice, and then close the session.

  • One person to each support session.

  • Support lasts an hour max, in support channels AND DM’s alike (however if they do wish for more support they may reping support after at least a 30 minute break.)

  • Don't take a support if you don't think you have an hour to spare. But if you must disappear, ping another listener.

  • Don’t discourage the person you are supporting from professional treatments.

  • Don't interfere in other listeners sessions, that's what HL are for.

  • If you don’t like how the support system is running or don’t agree with something someone, DM HR or your Head Listener. There is no need for it to be public in the listener channel.

  • If you get into a session and feel like you can't handle the situation, don't be afraid to pass it off to someone else.

  • Please don’t leave an ongoing support session for more than 10 minutes.

  • If you help someone in dm they are not allowed after the session to dm you and ask for more support from you.

    They cannot use you as a personal therapist in any way shape or form. Let them know this by saying something along the lines of “I’m sorry but if you need support please ping a support channel so support sessions are spread out evenly” if they keep asking for support in dm after telling them so, do let a HL know.

  • They can not ask for a specific listener by name (you may ask for one who is 18+ knows about transgender issues etc) but not ask for one specific listener. We do not encourage favouritism.

  • If the member is still actively suicidal after a listener is done talking to them, file a report to sans.

Head Listeners

So you've been newly promoted to Head Listener.

A Head Listener is essentially a moderator in charge of the Listener team. You will be:

  • Filling out support tickets for suicidal members that Listeners send over to you.

  • Keeping in touch with a team of Listeners.

  • Voting on new Listener applications.
    -- Place final reasoning for application deny inside of #declined-listener

  • Ensuring that the Listeners are taken care of and are taking care of themselves.

  • Voting on Listener of the Week once a week.

  • Logging disciplinary issues regarding Listeners in #archives using the format:
    Name#0000 - Infraction - Action Taken - Screenshot.

  • Helping out with Listener in Training

Please see pinned spreadsheet in Head Listener chat for who is who's Listeners.

Note that Listeners are deemed "hands off" for regular Moderators. Any issues they have with a Listener will go to the Head Listeners.

Reasons to take something to HR.

  • If there has been a complaint against another Listener for something serious, such as solicitation, sexual advances, etc.

  • If there is an issue where a victim wishes to remain anonymous.

  • Someone who was rejected as Listener wanting a second opinion.


You will see all new Listener applications in #listener-apps. Please add the emoji YAY or NAY **nothing else** for your decision. If NAY, please state in Head Listener chat why NAY. 

Note: All rejections must be constructive. You MUST detail what they can do to improve in order to sway the nay into a yay.

Acceptable reasons for rejection:

  • Unsatisfactory replies in application.

  • Disciplinary issues.

Non-acceptable reasons for rejection:

  • Personal bias, "just don't like them," "just a bad feeling." Disagreeing with a lifestyle they have.

  • Because that person has never interacted with you personally.

  • Something something "in another server."

Applications should be done within 72 hours of reception.

Grounds for role removal

I will straight up say that I've seen some moderation teams operate like a VIP club or a "clique." You were chosen to be a Head Listener because Listeners are comfortable with you and you are a recognizable part of the server. If you stop talking to the members and engaging with them, after being a Head Listener, or only selectively engage with a clique, I will de-role you. This has been an issue in other servers I have been a part of and I will actively prevent this.

  • Inactivity for 1 week without alerting the team.

  • Failure to perform Head Listener roles above.

  • Constant need to be reminded to vote/check on Listeners.

  • Power abuse.

  • Disciplinary issues related to moderation.

  • Disrespecting other users or showing that you cannot be trusted.

That's about it. Thank you again for choosing to volunteer. <3