Mission of the hr team

The HR team is put in place to sort out issues regarding members, staff members, and applications. HR will also be the point of contact for ban appeals. 

Issues that may be brought up to HR:

  • Staff having an issue with another staff member.
  • Members having an issue with staff members, including wanting a second opinion on a warning/punishment.
  • Members wanting a second opinion on why there were promoted/demoted/not considered for promotion.
  • Head Listeners or Head Mods unable to come to a decision on promoting or demoting a member.
  • Issues of harassment (especially sexual), where the victim chooses to remain anonymous, will be brought to HR. HR then bears the responsibility of redacting all identifying information related to the victim, before bringing it to the rest of the moderators.

The HR team will also keep a spreadsheet on reasons why someone was not considered for promotion and where they could improve. If members are dissatisfied with the reason given by the Head Staff, it will become an HR issue.

Tools and Processes

Reports and complaints against staff members will be in the #complaints channel. 

The process of working through a complaint:

  • Get in touch with the person who filed with report and ask if they wish to remain anonymous.
  • Ask the person who filed with report if there is anything they'd like to add.
  • Approach the Head Listener or Head Mod of the offender and discuss the situation. If the offender is a HL/HM, take it to Mayhem.
  • Get the offender's side of the story, if applicable.
  • Work out a next course of action with the HL/HM of the offender.
  • Note: If the offender is to be demoted, let Mayhem know first.

The process of rejecting staff applications:

  • Include the name and discriminator, date of rejection, reasons, and what they can do better in the future.
  • Ensuring that the HM/HL have DM'd rejection reasons to the applicants.


  • Showing bias or favoritism towards certain members or staff. Inability to be objective and fair.
  • Abandoning the role.
  • Leaking HR related information to others who have no business knowing.
  • Making major server related changes without letting Mayhem know first.
  • Being inactive for 2 weeks.

Otherwise, everything should be pretty straightforward!