Hope (A poem)

You used to be a friend.

one of my best.

The one I shared

all my secrets with.

The one who put my dreams to the test

But one day, all that ended.

Our relationship was finally put to rest.


You lost belief in me,

I lost the desire to see,

see what could have become of me,

the desire to be,

the thing I perceived, I once could

could have achieved.

I decided to leave you,

and allow this sickness to take a hold.

It encompassed quite literally all of me.

I forgot who I was without it's touch.

What I have become is a mess,

nothing but a drone.

Without you, I'm nothing but a clone

of who I was before, a person with soul, and emotion

who didn't HAVE to be alone.

Look at me,

The soulless monster I've become.

I've fallen so fast, my wings broke from the land

I've taken a dive

I've been dragged so far down

I want(ed) to die

I don't know who I am,

the old me lost in time.

And who are you? Pry tell.

How do I find a reason to cry?

To sing? To scream?

Where's my reason to fucking be?


I miss you dear hope,

won't you please, please come back to me?

I'm begging you, to save me

from this wretched life,

that only I've contrived.

This beautiful poem was written by Fallen Warrior (Maxielove93)