Can you hear me? (A poem)

Can you hear me?
Can you hear my scream?
My begging, My need?
Can you feel my greed?
My greed for life I have yet to have.
Can you feel my sorrow?
Buried so deep within the marrow of my bones.
Can you hear my fear?
Fears of losing those dear.
Can you hear my prayers?
Hidden deep within these layers?
Layers that have been created to detour those who care?
Can you feel my pain?
Like a heartbeat of its own.
Can you hear my love?
It's colour white like a dove souring clear sky's into an abyss I know not.
Can you hear my cries?
My cries for help, my need for freedom.
Can you hear me die?
As crimson surround my unmoving form, my life doomed for eternal rest.
Did you hear me?
Did you care?
Now I'm gone?
I shall never know.

This haunting poem was written by Benny.