Art Showcase October 2018

Since the theme is Halloween I made a girl with most of her face being creepy, which to me represents her inner demons, and the small part of her face being normal represents that she's trying to hide her demons by covering them up with makeup.

- toxic hope le killjoy#1230

I don't do so much as breathe if there is the risk of displeasure concerning my peers. I was abused in many ways, one of which involved me being locked in a room at school for hours almost every day as a child, and came to fear isolation, any perceived inadequacy greatly. Borderline personality disorder does not help with this issue. Therefore, to prevent a second tragedy, layer upon layer i have learned to add traits onto myself that please others. I cannot tolerate inadequacy.

- 𝕫𝕒𝕟#5434 (Tumblr)

October is right around the corner, so I decided to take some time out of my day to make this Halloween Roblox Graphic Design. I call it, "Hallow's Blood Bath..." It's personally one of my best and favorite graphic designs. I will do more Halloween designs soon.

-Trxsty#1337 (Twitter, YouTube)

This is a photo taken high in the French Alps while staying at the ski resort 'Les Arcs' with my 2 cousins. It is personally one of my best photos and I hold it dear to me because of the time and effort it took to find the perfect shot - resisting the urge at multiple occasions to just give up because of how the cold stopped my camera from focussing and the physical pain of having gloves off at -17° celsius. I love the snow and am very proud of this small achievement :3

- jamie.batterbury (Website)

It's my OC Antonio. he is immortal but likes to pretend to be a vampire to mess with people. (OC = Original character)

- miunaluna (Instagram)