Borderline Personality Disorder and Having a Favorite Person

The infamous favorite person... the person that someone with borderline personality disorder filters their world view around... the source of comfort... the everything. Take one glance across BPD forums and you will find countless posts devoted to the favorite person, also known as the 'FP.'

Your favorite person could be anyone... a relative, parent, best friend, lover, etc. It could even be someone that you just met.

The difference between having a "best friend" and a "favorite person," especially for someone with borderline personality disorder, is the intensity and obsessive thoughts that surround the favorite person.

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Borderline Personality Disorder Traits (With Footnotes for Loved Ones)

Understanding borderline personality disorder (BPD) symptoms isn’t as easy as cracking open the newest DSM and saying, “Oh yes…pervasive thoughts and abandonment issues…mhm…I have those…sounds right to me.”

In fact, most people in general can look at the symptoms of borderline personality disorder and see themselves fitting most of the criteria. In order to combat this, I’m breaking down the symptoms of BPD a step further and putting them into layman’s terms so as to better equip people who either think they may have BPD or have a loved one they suspect may have it.

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