Bake Sales, Emo Kids, Events Team, Colorful Things, and other stuff... [3/11/2019 Update]

I’m trying to get into the habit of letting y’all know what’s going on in the server so I’m not working for 2 weeks on a project in secrecy, springing it on you, and then watching the mass chaos ensure.

So… presenting… The Weekly News!

Aka, where Mayhem puts all the shit that’s happening in the server, in one place, other than the announcements, so you can stop ripping your hair out.

First up, the House of Misfits podcast is back up and running!

When House of Misfits first came around, we interviewed specific members of the community and shared their stories with the rest of the server.

We laughed.

We joked.

We meme’d.

It was a good time… but as time went on and I lost sight of what was important, I let the live sessions fall to the wayside.

Our first session was with Lucas of Gay Grapes where we talked about controversial LGBTQ+ issues. Click here to listen (I also added timestamps so you can jump around as you please!)

That being said, our next session is with the wonderful Dr. Mick who answers questions related to mental health or becoming a therapist.

If you’d like to ask Dr. Mick something, add your question anonymously here.

The live sessions will run every Saturday (time depending on our guest) and the recording should be up every Monday.

If you want notifications for when we go live or post recordings, make sure you head over to the #roles channel and add the Podcast role.

More ways to spend Cake

Waifu’s are okay and gambling can be sketchy, so we came up with a few more ways you can spend your cake.

(Mayhem, I just randomly stumbled upon this post… I have no fucking clue what cake is… That’s fine- cake is our currency within the server. You can buy things. Gamble. Etc. You earn it by “picking” it when it randomly generates in the server or by participating in events. If you’re lucky, get yourself a “cake daddy/mama” that gifts you cake cause you’re cute. That last sentence is 85% a joke but I know some of you are thinking “Bet.”)

We have a new category called Spend Cake. It’s below the support channels and looks like this:

House of Misfits mental health discord

1. Bake Sale - flex your entrepreneurial skills by selling stuff for cake

House of Misfits mental health Discord

In the Bake-Sale channel, you can exchange services or other things for cake.

You can get creative here and do things like…

  • Tutor people in a specific subject

  • Mentor someone in a video game

  • Sell something you’re trying to get good at (graphic design? writing? doodles? tarot readings? etc.)

  • Unused Steam keys

  • Discord Nitro

Keep it relatively safe for work and friendly.

2. Buyable roles.

House of misfits roles

There is a crapton of free roles in the #roles channel but what if you want to add some for-funsies types of roles?

House of Misfits has its share of inside jokes and cringe memes so a few of them have been turned into roles.

Bonus: If you want a unique, custom role that only you have, you can buy one for 100,000 cake. Yeah, that’s a steep price but if we only have so many custom role slots, yknow?

3. New! Ability to change your color!

mental health discord server

For the last year, once you bought a colored role, you were kinda stuck with it.

Now, once you paid your initial 5,000 cake (“.buy 63” in the shop) you can pick and choose ANY of the colors. So if you’re feeling like an edgelord today, you can swap that pink for black and spread your emo wings.

Note: If you don’t have the role “Colorful” purchased, you can still see this channel but you will be locked out of getting a color.

4. The Steam game shop

house of misfits mental health discord steam shop

Lastly, there’s the “Steam shop.” Type .shop in this channel and it will bring up the most recent list of games that we have available.

To buy, type .buy and the number of the game you want.

For example, .buy 6 for Monochroma.

(P.S. If you have Steam keys you’d like to donate, send Loctos (in the server) a DM and he will set you up with cake in exchange for the keys!)

The Comeback of the Events Team

I suck at hosting events and putting things together, but I think I finally came up with a schedule that is easy to do and works for the community.

So far (and this is subject to change) we are doing:

  • Toast Me (basically you post and people compliment you) = Mondays

  • Game Night = Wednesdays

  • Karaoke = Fridays

Keeping it sweet and simple.

That being said, we need people on the Events Team and we’re looking for a “Head” or two of the Events Team.

If you:

  • Are consistent

  • Love socializing with other people (I mean, you’re hosting an event so…)

  • Have some spare time

I’d love if you can apply for the Events Team here by clicking here.

Last, but not least… who are you?

House of Misfits has been around for a little over a year now.

We’ve seen lots of people come and go but most importantly, members have changed since joining the server.

So I’m nuking the #introductions channel and giving it a fresh slate.

Go ahead and reintroduce yourself!


Phew, that was a lot. I promise that not every update will be like this, but there was a lot to update this week.

Thanks for reading,