Member Interview: Dante and Borderline Personality Disorder

Hey there Dante, thank you very much for agreeing to do this interview. To start off, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Well, I'm 19 years old and have been Diagnosed with BPD since i was 17 and Chronic-Depression since i was 14 (or about) i have received Treatment since i was 14 but remember having issues before then.

What kind of struggles have you faced as a teenager dealing with mental health issues?

It affected all aspects of my growing up. My relationships, School, Family, even Physical health. My mental health isolated me from forming lasting meaningful relationships. i couldn't concentrate at school at all, Some remember of my family struggled to understand, and being a teenager at the time meant that relationship with step parents were already likely to be strenuous.

Were your parents generally helpful with trying to get you help?

My Parents tried to help and support me but at the end of the day the failed to fully understand what i was going through, i remember me and my councilor trying to explain my issues, i couldn't help but think they thought it wasn't real, like they couldn't see it happening to their child. They support me the best they could, and it did make it easier them knowing my issues.

What do you feel have been the best resources and help that you were able to get when you were a teenager?

Living in the UK i had access to CAMHS which is a mental health Organization for people under the age of 18. They provided the main bulk of my support and carried me through some of the darkest points of my life so far and also helped me along my road to recovery.

What do you feel that teachers and parents could do better to help teenagers who are facing mental health disorders?

Parents its about understanding the needs of your child. You may not fully understand what they are going through and that is fine, gently encourage them to wash and be social. Give them the space to make mistakes and learn form them and let them know you are always there if they mess up. with teachers i think its important make sure they have room to process the information, maybe a slight lenience for them, but remind them that they still have to work, constant positive talk is important.

How did your friends and family react to your diagnosis?

Some i think finally understood that i wasn't "faking it" and some started to understand better as they could look it up and understand me a little better

What advice do you have for teenagers who are living with mental health disorders but don’t have a supportive environment to seek help through?

I think seeking some sort of real life supportive environment is important, whether that be at school or a local organisation.

Remember that nothing is the end of the world and you can/will get through this. Things don't come for free and you will have to work hard to get better.

Thank you for your time, Dante. Do you have any last words of encouragement for everyone?

No, i think I've rambled enough, aha.

Dante is a moderator and listener in the House of Misfits mental health Discord server.