How a Mental Health Discord Chat Room can Help With Recovery

mental health discord

When I was first diagnosed with a mental health disorder, I felt alone. I created this mental health discord chat room as a way to connect with others who lived with mental health issues, to ease the alienation that comes with mental illness. You might not be sure about whether a mental health discord is right for you, so no worries. I'll break down what you can expect from House of Misfits.

What is a mental health discord?

Discord is an application that functions like a chat room. Yep, think old school AOL chat rooms. You can get Discord for your phone or use the browser version.

A mental health Discord is a chatroom inside of your Discord app that functions as a community to talk about mental health. The name of this mental health Discord is called House of Misfits. 

You can join House of Misfits by clicking here.

That's all there is to it. Download the Discord app. Join the House of Misfits mental health Discord. Chat or lurk at your heart's content!

So how can a mental health discord help my recovery?

The joy of being a part of a mental health Discord is that there is always someone who understands. It's hard talking to your best friend, parent, lover, or coworkers about what it's like to live with mental health disorders.

They don't get it.

Some flat out don't care.

Some make us feel worse because we realize how different our worlds are from their worlds.

In a mental health Discord, you can talk to others that have walked in the same shoes that you have. You can talk to others that relate to your mental health experiences.

The best part of a mental health Discord is that you can do this completely anonymously. There's no linking to Twitter or Facebook in order to use the app. You can disclose as much or no personal information, at all!

mental health discord chat room

Getting live support from a mental health discord

A great part of House of Misfits is the live crisis support from your peers. Now, we're not licensed professionals. We're here to offer a listening ear from someone who has been there.

All you have to do is head over to one of the support channels, type out what's going on, and tag a Listener.

Alternatively, you can also request that someone direct message you, so there's a little more privacy.

Either way, we want you to feel heard and hopefully, a little bit better from having someone listening to you.

Ready to join the discord server?

It takes two seconds to sign up for House of Misfits. All you have to do is click here.