Tinder but for Friends, Minecraft, Roast Night, Playlists, and Getting Support

Welcome to the House of Misfits, patch #032519. This week, we got some new channels, role updates, a Minecraft server, and a little reminder about our Listener team.

But let’s start with the Listener team, since we are are mental health support Discord, after all.

Gotta tell the Listeners what you need

First, the Head Listeners and I have fixed the clusterfork of a message that our help system formerly was.

It now looks like this:

mental health support discord

A major reason for this change was because too many people were typing .help and then not saying what they need help with.

If the Listeners don’t know what the situation is, they don’t know if they’ll be able to talk about it.

For example, if you need help related to self-harm, the Listener who responds needs to be able to talk about self-harm. So, communication is a two way street.

Also, it’s worth saying that House of Misfits is not a substitute for professional help. We’re here to hold you up in between your therapy sessions and when you need an extra rock to lean on, but we can’t promise to “cure” or “fix” anyone.

House of Misfits Minecraft Server

mental health minecraft server

If punching trees give you wood and you find mining ore-some, you might wanna join the other squares that are playing Minecraft.

For the IP for our Minecraft server, head to #casual chat and click the pinned post. EVERYONE is welcome :]

Have questions about our Minecraft server? Great! Ask our Head Mod Sarah, or our generous host, Seednode, because I have no idea about anything Minecraft related and can’t help you. 😬

Making friends is easy

I mean, right?

So easy.

No? Okay fine.

But there’s a new role on the block and that role is called Looking for Friends.

This is how it works:

Head over to the #looking-for-friends channel, which is snuggled under the Recovery category.

Follow the pinned template. It looks like this:

find friends mental health

Then wait for people to message you.

You can also opt-in to receive pings from this channel every time someone posts a friends ad by heading to #roles and grabbing the “Looking for Friends” role under ‘Volunteer’.

I also recommend looking through the channel and DMing anyone you’re interested in talking to.

Chances are, you’re waiting for people to DM you because you’re too awkward to DM others yourself, and they also feel the same way.

Slam Night + Roast Night

I’m stoked for two of our major events this week.

One of them is a “slam night” style where you can read poetry you’ve written, short stories, etc. This will be hosted on Tuesday.

The other is a Roast Night, where the Heads of Staff and Founders are on the chopping block and you' can roast them to your heart’s content. :) Enjoy!

For more details about the events, head to the #events channel and check out the calendar. P.S. All times are in Eastern.

House of Misfits Playlists

This week, our Daily Prompts will ask you to post links to your favorite songs under a specific mood.

If you’re interested in participating, head to #roles and add the Daily Prompt role. If you’re not interested, our Daily Prompts will go back to normal in about two weeks.

Lastly, some role updates

We have two updates with the roles:

  • DJ has been added for 1,000 cake. This role allows you to manage our music bot, Rhythm.

  • Custom Role has been lowered to 50,000 cake. After 5 people have purchased a Custom Role, the price will increase. (Hey, I only have so many slots for a Custom Role, yknow?)


Someone asked wtf TLDR meant - it means “Too long, didn’t read.” Basically, just scroll to the bottom of my posts to read a quick summary.

  • Tell the Listeners what you need after you ping for help.

  • Our Minecraft IP is pinned in #casual.

  • Looking for Friends channel and role is a thing.

  • We’re setting up House of Misfits’ Spotify account.

  • DJ role for Rhythm added.

  • Custom Role price is now 50,000 temporarily.

Til next Monday,