House of Misfits is Hiring: Bot Manager

House of Misfits is putting out its first hire ad.

This position is open not only to current House of Misfits members but to anyone who is reading this (so if you have a friend who you think is perfect for the role, share this post with them!) and interested in the position.

Details of the role

You will be hosting and managing our two bots, Sans and Toriel.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 9.18.06 AM.png

Toriel is a self-hosted Nadeko bot with some custom tweaking.

Sans is a custom coded bot that delivers messages to Members’ DM through a channel inside of the House of Misfits server.

So, again, you will be hosting and managing them.

Management will look like this:

  • If something stops working or needs to be tweaked, we will ask you to look into it.

  • If the bots are acting abnormally, the staff members will be pinging you to look at it or fix it. Most of the time, it’s nothing or it’s a quick fix, but there is the rare case that something is wrong and you need to spend some time working on it.

  • You may asked to add/improve a feature on one of the bots. Since my knowledge of bots is limited, I will always ask if it’s possible before assigning the task.


This is a paid role, so you will be compensated.

Send me an estimated quote for:

  • Hosting the bots every month

  • Flat fee for retainer monthly maintenance

  • Sending me the backup file at the end of every month

If you are being asked to custom code/improve something, you will receive extra compensation for that month, on top of the estimated quote.

(So, if you’re being paid $50/month but then code something for me for $200, you will receive $250 total for that month).

Flat fee + hosting is paid at the beginning of each month, prior to the work being done, so you will always be paid in advance. For custom tasks, it will be billed with the next invoice. (Note - You have to have successfully done it. If it’s half coded and you gave up, I’m not compensating for that).


Here’s what I’m currently looking for:

  • Freelancer. So, you’d be paying your own taxes.

  • 18+

  • Willing to reveal full name and ID (or LLC) for background check. (I don’t care if you have a criminal record, but I do care that you’re who you say you are). That being said, you must be willing to go through our server’s verification system, if you aren’t already there.

  • Gotta be able to manage and host our bots. You’re the expert here. We’ll be coming to you for help :)

  • Willing to sign a working contract detailing the scope of work, compensation, and terms of termination, so we’re keeping everything legal.

What a typical month looks like

You’re most likely just hanging out until someone pings you and says “hey, this is broken.” It’s a pretty low-key role.

Our most common issue is that “Toriel is down.” She is offline and needs to be brought back online.

Immediate tasks upon hire

If things work out and I bring you on board, here’s what will need to happen immediately.

  • Verification and background check.

  • Transferring our bots from our current host to you.

  • For 2 weeks, you’ll have our current bot manager to ask questions to, in case you need anything.

  • Fix the “recurring message” command on Toriel. It’s been down for a while, and we need it back up and running, if possible.

Sounds up your alley?

Awesome! The application is below!

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Do you agree to a private background check (your results will not be shared with anyone, not even the staff). *