Episode 2: Dr. Mick (Therapist) and Self-Harm Recovery

The incredible therapist/Twitch streamer, Dr. Mick returns to talk to us about self-harm, including tips for recovery and how to support a loved one who is struggling with self-harm recovery.

Note that this episode does get heavy, so if self-harm is a topic you’re not ready for, you can listen at a later time, pause at any time, or listen with someone you trust.

The time stamps are below so you can jump around the podcast as needed.

1:25 - What’s new with Dr. Mick
2:35 - Dr. Mick on Twitch
3:35 - Disclaimers/warnings about the topic (Self-Harm)
5:28 - Why do people start self-harming?
8:18 - Is self-harm a “behavioral addiction”?
11:25 - Is there a standardized way to treat self-harm?
14:11 - Self-harm being equated to suicide ideation
17:58 - PsychologyToday, finding a therapist by specialization
19:12 - Scoping out therapists before committing to one
22:45 - Mayhem’s strategy for “quitting” self-harm
23:35 - Dr. Mick’s alternatives for avoiding self-harm
26:22 - Supporting a loved one who is trying to stop self-harming (is hiding knives effective?)
30:36 - Talking to someone who is suicidal
31:55 - Figuring out how to stop
37:04 - Getting to a point where you are emotionally ready for therapy
40:11 - Fear of getting forced into a hospital/inpatient care
44:52 - Staying grounded while having delusions
47:25 - Difference between bipolar with psychosis and schizophrenia?
49:45 - Alternatives to therapy and support groups if you don’t have time
52:05 - Does BetterHelp or TalkSpace work?
54:50 - Using Veteran Affairs and trying to find an alternative because of distance

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