Interview with Dr. Mick November 2018

Today we speak once more with licensed therapist, Dr. Mick.

You can hear a recording of our interview below.

2:13 - Common misconceptions about therapy and mental health
5:13 - Groups that are pro-self arm/pro-anorexia
8:25 - Is it normal to not want to socialize?
12:28 - How to tell if you’re being abused
16:30 - What if you’re the abuser or have violent thoughts
20:48 - Irrational fears
24:45 - Diagnosed but not ready for therapy
30:55 - Trying to make friends as a teenager
36:45 - Being an adult but not having time for therapy
44:35 - Seeking help if you have a history with substance abuse
47:05 - Teenagers and pornography
50:58 - Is my medication working?
54:50 - How to speak to people, when working as a therapist
59:50 - Getting psychology license
1:03:00 - PH.D you need to be a therapist

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Morgan "Mayhem" Hasi