Interview with Dr. Mick (A Licensed Therapist)

Today we were treated to a one-hour interview with Dr. Mick, a licensed therapist. We talk about the role of a therapist, his journey to become a therapist, and different coping techniques to move forward through difficult situations in our lives.

Listen below:

3:53 - Psychological schools of thought vs. advice giving in a therapy session.

6:15 - Finding success in therapy sessions

9:38 - Advice for people who are reluctant/can’t afford medication

15:10 - How long it takes to become a therapist

18:40 - How to support others who are going through a hard time

22:43 - Biggest challenges therapists face

27:25 - Overcoming the pain of a break-up

30:34 - When people don’t take your mental health seriously

33:45 - Advice for teenagers who are scared their therapist will “snitch” to parents

38:48 - Suicide assessment rundown

42:50 - A technique for panic/anxiety attacks

45:52 - How avoidance seeking behaviors contributes to worsening anxiety

50:45 - How “sad music” and “horror games” can help

55:20 - Closing statements and wrap-up

Dr. Mick's Twitch: