Group Talk 005: Living with Contentment

Cultivating contentment

Today, we’re going to talk about breaking out of the victim mentality, prepping for long term contentment, and ways to add contentment to your everyday life. The goal for this session is so you will learn how to be content with yourself.


  • The first step is to shift your mindset from being a victim to being a survivor. There is a time and a place to be a victim, because the place of being a victim is to sit in pity and self-loathing. It’s to want just anyone and anything to love you, without putting standards or boundaries on who those people are. 

  • When you are a survivor, there is a realization that you deserve more than what you have. It’s not selfish. It’s not entitled. 

  • As a survivor, you say, “Fuck it, I’m done with this.” You might live with your abuser. You might need to see people who treat you like shit, every day, but to survive is to stop letting them have that control over you. It’s pitying them for needing to be a hurtful person, rather than pitying yourself or being a victim. It’s shifting all the negative feelings away from yourself, onto those people.

  • Contentment is a long term state of mind. It’s to say that you are enough and you are okay with yourself. It’s to stop comparing yourself to other people.

  • Another thing to remember when it comes to contentment, is that it’s about what you can control and letting go of what you can’t.

  • Tiny Book of Tiny Pleasures

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