Group Talk 003: Bullying


We've all been there- there's a kid in school that is picking on you. There's a group of people ganging up on you. Maybe it's your own family that's the source of bullying. This week's topic is about how to handle bullying and dealing with the aftermath.

Listen to it here:

Notes from the talk:

  • Document everything (photos of bruises, times and dates, what teachers do, what people say), and be physically ready for a fight or to run or to de-escalate.
  • Don’t insult them, get in their space, threaten them unless you can back it up. Walk away, ideally.
  • Have friends, and stay with them.
  • Get therapy, talk it out with friends, get medication if you need them from the doctor, beat out your anger in sports.

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Hosted by Nepene#3520, Mayhem#0013

Recorded by rain#6552