Episode 1: Lucas of Gay Grapes and the LGBTQ+ Community

Today we’re talking to Lucas, a trans member of the LGBTQ+ community and the owner of the LGBTQ+ support community and YouTube channel, Gay Grapes. In this episode, we cover supporting others who are “coming out,” controversial issues within the community, amazing YouTubers that are LGBTQ+ activists, and more! Below is a recording of this episode and timestamps so you can skip around, if you’d like.

0:50 - Lucas introduces himself as a trans dude
1:45 - On questioning identity and being part of LGBTQ+
2:35 - Lucas’s family and friends on “coming out”
5:00 - On YouTuber, MyHarto
6:33 - On bisexuality and polyamory
9:30 - On YouTuber, Kalvin Garrah, and controversial LGBTQ+ opinions
13:45 - Mocking the LGBTQ+ community vs. search for identity (i.e “Attack Helicopter” meme)
16:28 - Collecting outlier/minority titles
18:30 - “Outrage culture”
20:35 - Are “gender reveal” parties transphobic?
24:20 - On queer YouTuber, Ash Hardell
26:33 - What you can expect from joining the Gay Grapes Discord server
30:35 - Supporting a friend who recently came out as gay
33:12 - Voicing grievances about a trans person without being transphobic
37:50 - Being bisexual and having to come out to “straight” and “gay” friends
40:20 - Realizing you’re trans at a later age
43:12 - Disclosing you’re trans to employers
47:50 - Lack of asexual support in the LGBTQ+ community

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