Episode 2: Dr. Mick (Therapist) and Self-Harm Recovery

The incredible therapist/Twitch streamer, Dr. Mick returns to talk to us about self-harm, including tips for recovery and how to support a loved one who is struggling with self-harm recovery.

Note that this episode does get heavy, so if self-harm is a topic you’re not ready for, you can listen at a later time, pause at any time, or listen with someone you trust.

Interview with Dr. Mick November 2018

Today we speak once more with licensed therapist, Dr. Mick.

You can hear a recording of our interview below.

2:13 - Common misconceptions about therapy and mental health
5:13 - Groups that are pro-self arm/pro-anorexia
8:25 - Is it normal to not want to socialize?
12:28 - How to tell if you’re being abused
16:30 - What if you’re the abuser or have violent thoughts
20:48 - Irrational fears
24:45 - Diagnosed but not ready for therapy
30:55 - Trying to make friends as a teenager
36:45 - Being an adult but not having time for therapy
44:35 - Seeking help if you have a history with substance abuse
47:05 - Teenagers and pornography
50:58 - Is my medication working?
54:50 - How to speak to people, when working as a therapist
59:50 - Getting psychology license
1:03:00 - PH.D you need to be a therapist

Dr. Mick's Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/drmicklive

Discord: https://discord.gg/mMtrsNw

Interview with Dr. Mick (A Licensed Therapist)

Today we were treated to a one-hour interview with Dr. Mick, a licensed therapist. We talk about the role of a therapist, his journey to become a therapist, and different coping techniques to move forward through difficult situations in our lives.

Listen below:

3:53 - Psychological schools of thought vs. advice giving in a therapy session.

6:15 - Finding success in therapy sessions

9:38 - Advice for people who are reluctant/can’t afford medication

15:10 - How long it takes to become a therapist

18:40 - How to support others who are going through a hard time

22:43 - Biggest challenges therapists face

27:25 - Overcoming the pain of a break-up

30:34 - When people don’t take your mental health seriously

33:45 - Advice for teenagers who are scared their therapist will “snitch” to parents

38:48 - Suicide assessment rundown

42:50 - A technique for panic/anxiety attacks

45:52 - How avoidance seeking behaviors contributes to worsening anxiety

50:45 - How “sad music” and “horror games” can help

55:20 - Closing statements and wrap-up

Dr. Mick's Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/drmicklive

Discord: https://discord.gg/mMtrsNw