The Story of a Soon-to-be-Psychologist, who also Battles Depression

The story of a psychology major who has been in inpatient care and working through recovery despite living with depression. Guest post by Julian from Structure of Me.

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How to Talk to Someone who has Borderline Personality Disorder

Sometimes it can feel difficult to try to talk to someone who is living with borderline personality disorder. Read about the SETUP method from I Hate You - Don’t Leave Me to learn about how to communicate or talk to someone who lives with borderline personality disorder.

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Episode 2: Dr. Mick (Therapist) and Self-Harm Recovery

The incredible therapist/Twitch streamer, Dr. Mick returns to talk to us about self-harm, including tips for recovery and how to support a loved one who is struggling with self-harm recovery.

Note that this episode does get heavy, so if self-harm is a topic you’re not ready for, you can listen at a later time, pause at any time, or listen with someone you trust.

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