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mental Health Discord and Support
for the outcasts + hell-raisers

House of Misfits really is a wayward home for people who have always felt different, alone or misunderstood. There's a sense of family, care and support. There are support systems in place that you can benefit from when you're having a more difficult day, and there are always people to help you out and be there for you. ” - Lyssa (Moderator)

You’re different.

When you read motivational quotes and inspirational stories about mental health recovery, you can’t relate.

Life feels ugly, irrational, and sometimes, not worth living.

Hi. It’s nice to meet you, fellow outcast.

I’m Mayhem, the creator of House of Misfits.

I wanted to create a mental health Discord server that doesn’t shy away from the uncomfortable, repulsive situations that come with being sick.

That means we talk about the times that we have been abused.
Shit on.
Told that we would amount to nothing.

We take all the crap that life has hurled at us, and we created a family.

This is your invitation to join us.

“I came to a point where I felt incredibly alone in my journey with mental illness but I knew I wanted to make a difference. HoM allowed me to help others going through a tough time whilst I was receiving so much love and support from the community which helps me stay sane. A therapist isn't always a call away but HoM is a ping away and that has certainly impacted my life for the better.” - Shimoney (Head Listener)